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The BOCES network operates within a well-defined structure of accountability for effectiveness and efficiency. Subject to state audits and governed by a board of education, BOCES also adhere to strict reporting requirements for programs and facilities.
Links to SED reports:
            602 Report
            BOCES Report Card

Operating Procedures Related to New Program Services

Under Education Law section 1950, a BOCES may provide any educational service that is requested by two or more component districts and approved by the commissioner of education according to need and practicality in a regional context.
The BOCES then notify component districts of the approved services, asking for a firm commitment to participate by May 1 of each year. The BOCES and the component districts then enter into formal contracts. Contracts between BOCES and component districts, when approved by the commissioner, are effective for one year. After which they may be renewed, changed, or cancelled.
Districts may also authorize multi-year service requests from BOCES.

BOCES Surplus is money that was not spent during the year. As such, it is returned to the component school districts.
More details may be found on the under “Handbooks” on the New York State Department of Education website.