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For 75 years, the 37 BOCES of New York have provided shared educational programs and services to school districts across the state. With BOCES as a partner, school districts can be strategic in deploying shared programs that serve students from all districts regardless of their enrollment, income or size of tax base.

Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) are continuously looking to the future to develop and evolve programs that align with the needs of their students, school districts and communities. This data report showcases the successes of BOCES students, school districts and programs in the 2021-22 school year. We are proud of our role in this work.

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students developed college and career-ready skills through CTE programs taught by BOCES.

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$ 00

was saved through the 669 cooperative bids organized by BOCES in one year.

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businesses had representatives serve on BOCES CTE advisory councils.

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was saved by the 490 school districts participating in BOCES energy cooperatives in one year.

for All Ages and Abilities

BOCES’ mission is to educate every individual, regardless of their age or ability. We collaborate with our districts to develop programs designed to enhance student achievement.

Many BOCES programs are instructional and include, but are not limited to:
  • career and technical programs for high school students
  • services for students with disabilities
  • professional development
  • mental health programs
  • instructional technology
  • itinerant teacher services general instructional programs, such as English as a Second Language, high school equivalency and gifted and talented programs
  • regional summer school
a teacher and student in protective masks working on a laptop computer


students developed

college and career-ready skills through CTE programs taught by BOCES.


CTE students

graduated with a high school diploma or equivalent during the 2020-21 school year.

At least


college credits were earned

by students enrolled in specialized high school programs.

On average,


of CTE graduates

went on to college after graduation.


adult students improved

their language comprehension, speaking and literacy skills through English as a Second Language (ESL) programs at BOCES.


students’ needs

were supported in special education classrooms operated by a BOCES.


adult students

broadened their employment options by taking High School Equivalency (HSE) courses taught by a BOCES teacher.

On average,


of CTE graduates

entered the workforce directly after graduation.

of Collaboration & Efficiency

BOCES are the premier example of inter-municipal collaboration in New York state. We are able to leverage the strength of multiple school districts to provide a wide variety of services that, individually, school districts could not provide because the costs would be prohibitive.

Through collaboration, BOCES is able to provide non-instructional support services that help school districts contain costs. Examples include:
  • Actuarial Services
  • Digital Records Management
  • Duplication and Printing Services
  • Food Service Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Labor Relations
  • Medicaid Data Processing
  • Public Relations and Public Engagement
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Substitute Services
  • Teacher Certification
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colleges and universities

have joined articulation agreements with BOCES CTE programs.


of districts

received support from the Regional Information Centers in effectively utilizing student management systems.


districts share

central business office staff or functions via BOCES

$17.5 million

was saved

through 669 cooperative bids organized by BOCES in one year.

More than


school districts

currently participate in a BOCES coordinated health benefits consortium.

BOCES drew



to their professional development workshops.

$1.5 million

was saved by the 490

school districts participating in BOCES energy cooperatives in one year.

for Economic Growth

BOCES has a vast network of education and industry professionals who help foster career skills. These partnerships provide a pipeline of skilled workers and circulate millions of dollars back into the local economy. BOCES statewide stand ready to expand educational programs and services to meet the need to grow the skilled workforce around the state.

271 businesses around the state partnered with BOCES to provide training for their staff, including:
  • Albany Medical Center
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Dunn Paper
  • National Grid
  • NYS Power Authority
  • Oswego Health
  • Rochester General Hospital
  • Syracuse Homes
  • Walmart
students working on a diessel engine


adult students

improved their job prospects by enrolling in BOCES workforce development courses.


students worked

side-by-side with industry professionals in honors-level career courses through BOCES New Visions programs.

More than



had representatives serve on BOCES CTE advisory councils.


high school students

advanced their learning through New Tech High School, Early College High School and P-TECH programs that are closely linked with business and higher education.


new CTE programs

have been developed over the past three years through partnerships and guidance from local businesses.

to Industry

BOCES plays a critical role in creating a skilled workforce that contributes significantly to New York’s economy. Valued partners from the business community help shape BOCES programs so that the unique needs of each region’s economy are being met.

BOCES across the state are working to meet the need for skilled labor by tailoring programs to support the specific Regional Economic Development Council priorities of each region, including:

  • Western New York: Welding, New Visions Health Professions, Product Design
  • Finger Lakes: Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Exercise Science, Advanced Manufacturing
  • Southern Tier: Building Trades, Nurse Assisting, Heavy Equipment, Business Administration
  • Central New York: Physical Therapy Professions, Lab Technician, Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Mohawk Valley: Child and Family Services, Culinary Arts, Health Occupations, Environmental Conservation, Criminal Justice
  • North Country: Natural Resource Science, Agricultural Sciences, Cosmetology, Veterinary Practices
  • Capital Region: Digital Gaming/Software/IT, Offshore Wind Industry, Sterile Processing Technician, HVAC-R
  • Mid-Hudson: Dental Assistant, Cyber Tech, Emergency Medical Services, Computer Programming
  • Long Island: Exercise Medicine, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Automatic Heating

60 new CTE programs have been developed through partnerships and guidance from local businesses, including: 

  • Aircraft/Drone Technology
  • Farm to Table Sustainable Agriculture  
  • Electrical Trades and Alternative Energy 
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Production & Managerial Arts
  • Smart Home Technology  
  • Sonic Arts
  • Sports Conditioning and Exercise Science
  • Web and Game Development
a teacher and student in protective masks working on a laptop computer